Food Facts 
Food is the foundation for your life. Without food, water, and  oxygen, you can’t survive. Everyday, billions of people will wake up to eat food. And before they retire at night, they will have eaten at least three meals in a day.
And although food is a necessity, how and what we eat can also be a luxurious experience. Eating sushi and caviar is a completely different experience, from eating chicken noodle soup and rice.
Making great food is a lifestyle choice for a lot of chefs and everyday people who just love to cook. On any given day, you can turn on the tube or Google particular food recipes if you are in need of some awesome food ideas.It doesn’t matter if you are into healthy food recipes or just looking for simple recipes, if you are looking to make eating food a little more than an everyday necessity, you will be blown away by some of our food ideas on this site.
Food Groups
The U.s. Department of Agriculture has divided our foods up into 5 different food groups:
Fresh fruits, along with canned, dried or frozen fruits should be taken in at least twice a day. It’s suggested that half your plate should consist of veggies and fruits.
Juicing is another popular way to take in ones vegetables and fruits as it’s easy, quick, and the benefits are almost immediate as liquid hits the bloodstream faster, minimizing the time it would otherwise take your body to digest it, had it been eaten.
The other food group is vegetables. They, like fruits, come frozen, dried, canned, or in juice form. Within the vegetable group are other sub-categories such as starchy vegetables, dark green veggies, bean, peas and red and orange veggies. They are divided up in such a way so that people will eat a host of different vegetables, instead of just all dark greens or peas, for example.
You have two groups of grains, whole and refined. Whole grains are like the brown rice you eat, and the whole wheat breads and pasta. They are higher in fiber than the refined grains but the refined grains are high in iron and B vitamins.
Protein :
Peas and beans, your seafood, meats, nuts, soy products, and poultry covers the protein list. It’s better that you try to eat lean meats and poultry and don’t over consume on any one particular meat or poultry. Balance is the best advice that I can give you.
This food group is where you will get your calcium intake. Think milk, yogurt, cheese, and dairy. Very little fat or fat-free is the way to go here because anything more comes with a lot of saturated fats.
Food Hype
So as you can see .. food happens! It’s a part of the very fabric of our lives. We not only need it, we will die without it. And just as important as needing food to survive, is getting clean, healthy food that is naturally grown, and not genetically modified in a lab somewhere.
There are far too many industries chasing the almighty dollar and are in a rush to bring food to the market before it’s ready. The injection of hormone growth in animals and pesticides on our vegetables, just might be the things that are killing us rather than helping us live.
We’ve become the microwave nation where food is concern. If we don’t allow the time and place necessary for the proper growth of fruits and vegetables, or take care of the animals that we serve as meat to the people, things could go very wrong. Whether you are a vegetarian or not … good, clean, food is essential to great health. Throughout this blog, I hope that our choice recipes and desserts will speak volumes for your stomach and your health.

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